Tools of the Trade: the YAP Tracker iPhone app!

You asked for it, we delivered: the iPhone app is ready!

Published Sun May 20, 2012
Tools of the Trade: Weekly Feature

Have a favorite app, blog or podcast specifically geared to opera singers you'd like to share? Send it along and we'll be happy to feature it in our new weekly segment, the Tools of the Trade. This week, we'll share a tool for improving your sight-singing.

Published Thu May 10, 2012
The Audition Room: Your Pianist is Your Friend

On behalf of vocal accompanists everywhere, may your opera and vocal scores that you use for auditions remain sleeve, staple and unnecessary marking free.

Published Mon May 7, 2012

If you aren't already reading the blog of Jennifer Rivera, you should. Her thoughtful pieces are a great benefit to our industry; we thank her for representing the thoughts and viewpoints of young, working singers everywhere.

Published Thu May 3, 2012

As opera singers, we're faced with many external challenges that can compromise a performance: an iffy audition the day before, a sick co-worker, a musty theater, a dry environment, too little rest. Have you ever felt, though, that your technique has simply escaped you for no discernible reason?

Published Wed Apr 18, 2012
Site FAQs: Posting opportunities for general use

Are you a company administrator of an opera company or training program? If you already have a full membership account with us, you can use that account to easily post audition and application opportunities without the need for a separate company account.

Published Tue Apr 10, 2012

Although auditions for most conservatory or university-based training programs have passed for 2012, it is never too early to prepare for 2013. We spoke with Thor Eckert, Professional Development Coach at the very highly esteemed Academy of Vocal Arts (among many other laudable positions) about preparing for auditions at the conservatory level, getting the most out of your vocal training experience and preparing for a career in opera.

Published Mon Apr 9, 2012

In our latest Finding your path interview, we reached out to one of our newer European members, Ingeborg Børch, to ask for her feedback on whether or not YAP Tracker is a useful resource to opera singers in Europe seeking mainstage auditions, programs and competitions.

Published Sun Mar 18, 2012

To share some of the new features of our new hosting service, we are highlighting some of the singer's already using the service. Today we are looking at Sara Sabag's new site.

Published Tue Feb 28, 2012

We recently launched a new version of our hosting service, and over the coming weeks, we'll be highlighting some of the new features by showcasing a website created by one of our members. Click through to see Zachary Wilder's new site.

Published Mon Feb 20, 2012