About YAP Tracker

The YAP Tracker website is the brainchild of a technically savvy opera singer and her artistically-sensitive computer programmer husband. I, the opera singer and Excel instructor (my "day job"), managed my applications in the past with a standard Excel spreadsheet, but I still found it difficult to stay current with all opportunities.

Having won several competition prizes in the last few years, I decided to expand my already unmanageable list of applications and investigate other competitions to which I could apply. I was surprised by how many were out there; my current system would no longer suffice to keep track.

And thus YAP Tracker was born. We collaborated with singers of every professional level, from graduate school students to managed professionals, and we came up with what we consider to be a product that will benefit artists at any stage of their career. Our technical team has also paid special attention to those that are less technically-able; we believe YAP Tracker to be a very user friendly product with a tremendous depth of features and functions that will continue to grow as we assimilate recommendations from our newest users.

We hope to see you around the YAP Tracker community!