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Site FAQs: Video Uploads

An increasing number of companies are now requesting video files as part of their screening process or in lieu of a live audition, and it can be a great way for emerging artists to showcase their talent.  Many singers have already uploaded a video as part of our online application process or our website hosting feature, and although it is a popular option, the process of uploading the files directly to our server can be slow and cumbersome.

By popular request from both companies and site members alike, YAP Tracker now offers the option to include a YouTube embed link in addition to the direct upload option.  The process utilizes technology that is already familiar to many, and it provides the same easy-viewing experience for company members using our online application service (or for those visiting your YAP Tracker hosted website).

To learn more about this feature, please view the Video Files FAQ or contact us with any questions.

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