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How do I get a YouTube link?

These steps are current as of September 2015. If you find that these instructions no longer work, please contact us so that they can be updated.

These steps assume that you have already uploaded a video to YouTube. If you are having trouble uploading your video to YouTube, we recommend reviewing their troubleshooting documentation.

To begin, navigate to the YouTube page with your video. Please be sure that your YouTube video privacy setting is set to Public. If you would prefer to keep your video setting as Private, please be sure to share your video as an Unlisted video. For how to share an unlisted video, please go to:

Just under the video, click the Share button.

An additional section will be revealed with a link.

Copy the text and paste the https:// part into the add video form in YAP Tracker. In the example above you would only copy and paste the text