Member questions: Why doesn’t YAP Tracker provide company level information?

Interview with Pianist, Conductor and operamission Director Jennifer Peterson

Letters of Recommendation

It is young artist program application and audition season in the opera world, and many companies require letters of recommendation. We'll explain the process for all YAP Tracker online application options.

Reworking the Opportunities page

Based on user feedback, we are making some changes to the Opportunities page.

Displaying potential audition dates in the calendar

Planning an audition trip? Showing potential auditions dates on your YAP Tracker calendar will help you better plan.

Audition Packet: Interview with photographer Arielle Doneson

YAP Tracker sat down with photographer Arielle Doneson to discuss her strategies for getting the most out of your headshot sitting.

Sarasota Opera and Santa Fe Opera's application deadlines are today!

Don't wait until 11:30 PM to submit...won't you feel better if you get that squared away this morning?

New Site FAQ

YAP Tracker released a new version of the site August 2011. Here are some answers to frequently asked questions.

Tools of the Trade: Great Sites for Free Sheet Music

Whether you are learning an entire role or just an aria or song, having the sheet music itself is of course indispensable. Here is a list of sites where you can find sheet music online.

How do I find audition opportunities?

How do I find opportunities? This is a question that tops the list for most singers. While of course we recommend subscribing to YAP Tracker, doing so alone may not fill the gaps in every schedule. Piecing together a season’s worth of work and opportunities may require more than one trick in a singer’s bag; here are some recommendations.
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