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Changing your online recommenders

Some companies will allow you to change your online recommender after you have submitted your application. For those that do, text indicating this option will usually be posted within the listing. Please confirm with the company member contact for the program if you are uncertain and wish to change an online recommender. Please note that once your application has been submitted, you can only replace recommenders who have not submitted a recommendation for you.

If you have submitted an application to a company that allows a recommender change, please follow these steps to replace a recommender:

  1. Log in to YAP Tracker
  2. If you haven't already, make sure that the recommender's details have been add to your Recommenders page as part of your profile (under the More menu).
  3. From the Applications menu, click the My Online Applications link
  4. Click the link to view the application that contains the online recommender you wish to swap
  5. In the blue box on the top of the page (on the right hand side), click the Change Online Recommender link.

    A popup will appear displaying your previously entered selections (screenshot #1 below).

  6. Select the recommender to remove (only recommenders who have already not submitted a recommendation for you for the specific application can be removed)
  7. Select the recommender to add (only recommenders from your Recommenders page with a specified email who have not already been added can be added)
  8. Scroll to the bottom of the form and click Submit Changes. Your application will be updated and a new request email will be sent to the newly added recommender. You will also receive a confirmation of this request email being sent.

We strongly recommend that you follow up with your requested recommender immediately after making the change to ensure that the email has been received. If it hasn't, and it isn't in the recommender's spam filter, Contact us for further assistance.