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Available content types

When working on your site you have the option to add numerous different types of content. This allows you to quickly put your site together as well as reuse the information stored in your YAP Tracker profile. The following content types are currently available for your use:

  • Content
  • HTML
  • Google Map
  • Youtube Video
  • Facebook Like Box
  • Artistic Affiliates
  • Headshot
  • Contact Form
  • Opera Roles Performed
  • Concerts Performed
  • Musical Theater Performed
  • Theater Performed
  • Opera Roles Prepared
  • Quotes
  • Education
  • Audio Files
  • Awards
  • Video Files
  • Photo Gallery
  • Training
  • Single Photo
  • Contact Information


Allows you to enter free form text using an editor with popular formatting options (bold, italics, lists etc). Recommended for bio.


Allows you to enter HTML code. Use this is you are comfortable writing HTML or have to paste a third-party widget (for example, mailchimp allows you to use their mailing list functionality by including HTML they provide on your site).

Contact Form

Allows you to add a form to your site that visitors can complete to send you a message. This avoids sharing your email on the site which can be used by spammers. When a submission to the form is made and email is sent to your speficied email. Setup, configuarion and a screenshot can be seen here.