Pittsburgh Opera

Resident Artist Program Application (2018 Auditions)

This application closed on Friday October 12, 2018.

Please contact Emily Grand at egrand@pittsburghopera.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

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Letters of Recommendation

Two recent letters of recommendation from recognized authorities in the opera field (voice teacher, coach, conductor, director, etc) must be submitted. This company accepts online recommendation submissions or scanned/uploaded letters. Please note: the scanned/uploaded process requires that you attach a letter to the recommender before adding that recommender to this form. The online recommendation option will send a link directly to your recommender, but the scanned option will not. Please review the FAQ for the recommendation requirements before proceeding with that selection option.

Number required: 2. Allowed method(s): Online, Scanned/Uploaded Letter.

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Audition Dates

Please indicate your preferred location and date:
* Pittsburgh callbacks are held the same day, November 17.
* Cincinnati callbacks will be either November 28 or 29.
* New York callbacks will be December 7.
Pittsburgh Opera will make every effort to accommodate audition date requests. New York applicants should select multiple dates ONLY if planning to be in New York City for the entire audition period. Applicants unable to appear for a scheduled audition will be eliminated from consideration. Applicants who cancel an audition because of illness cannot be granted an audition after the last posted audition date. You must sing a callback audition in order to be considered for the program.
I hereby make application to the Resident Artist of Pittsburgh Opera program and affirm that all the information contained herein and in the attached documents is complete and accurate. I have read this application and agree to abide by the rules and regulations of the auditions. I accept as a Resident Artist, I agree to participate in the entire 2-year program.

Payment Details

The application fee will not be refunded if an audition is not granted.
Please note: all application fees are non-refundable.