Hawaii Performing Arts Festival

Hawaii Performing Arts Festival - Vocal Program 2023

This application closed on Wednesday February 1, 2023.

2023 Summer Festival

The Young Singers Program
For video auditions, you must submit the following:

  • Two contrasting music selections of your choice, at least one selection must be in English.
    • If you are wishing to be considered for a specific role in either production, please feel free to include that character’s aria or song in your submission.
    • If you are wishing to be considered for a role in The Magic Flute, please be sure one of your two selections is in German. The Magic Flute will be performed in German with English dialogue.
  • A one minute monologue.
  • Two songs in contrasting styles (musical theatre, classical, or non-classical)
CASTING DECISIONS: Priority applicant deadline is December 1, 2022. All applications are due February 1, 2023. Those artists wishing to be considered for fellowships and scholarships are encouraged to apply and submit supporting documentation as early as possible.

For more information about our programs and curriculum offerings, please visit our website.

Please contact Shayna Leahy at sleahy@hawaiipaf.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

Personal Information

Contact Information

Please include a standard 2 letter state abbreviation where applicable (CA, HI, WA, etc.)
No spaces, dashes etc. phone number fields
List 2 most recent teachers, coaches, schools, previous programs


Full color preferred; Jpg or tiff file; high resolution only (at least 400 kb in size)
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ATTENTION: All video auditions must be attached in the video section below. You must announce your name and the title of the piece before each submission. A new video is preferred, however, if you are unable to do so, the submission must have been recorded within the last 6 months. Minimum number of selections permitted: 2. Maximum number of selections permitted: 3

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Number of selections required: 2.
Selection 1
Selection 2
Maximum number of selections permitted: 1
Selection 1
PDF, maximum length is 200 words. Number of documents required: 1.
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For Professional Fellow applicants, only. Please list previous recognized young artist programs that you have attended (i.e.: Santa Fe, Central City, etc.) or upload two letters of recommendation from recognized authorities attesting to your career readiness below.
Please submit a financial aid form if you are in need of assistance. If you wish to apply for financial aid and feel you meet the criteria, visit www.hawaiiperformingartsfestival.org to download the form. Complete the form and submit it here as a PDF. Financial aid is limited and requests for financial aid are carefully evaluated and awarded to qualifying applicants, based on the following three criteria*: 1.) Verifiable financial need. 2.) Level of talent and skill. 3.) Casting needs. (*IF YOU NEED FINANCIAL AID, YOU MUST SUBMIT A FORM) Maximum number of documents permitted: 1
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ONLY required for Professional Fellow applicants who have not completed two Young Artist residencies, please upload two letters of recommendation from recognized authorities attesting to your career readiness. Please note, this company only allows scanned/uploaded letters. You MUST include the scanned letter on the recommender information page. See our FAQ for details on how to submit your letters via this method.

Maximum number permitted: 2 Allowed method(s): Scanned/Uploaded Letter.

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