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Setting the Stage: Your Own Worst Enemy

A story this week on This American Life really resonated with me and I thought it might with our members, too: the story of Steve Blass, an all-star pitcher who inexplicably stopped being able to throw strikes.  Have you ever gone to an initial sing through for a new production and "struck out" without any discernable cause, only to feel incapable of getting back your swing?  I'm sure we've all had moments where our technique has somehow seemed insufficient to surmount a facing challenge; like Steve Blass, sometimes the more you focus on the technical, the more lost you feel.

The idea in this piece that sometimes we just need to let it go, stop thinking, stop focusing too hard on the mechanics: that rang true. When you are getting too "inside your head," what do you do to let go?  Please share your thoughts, and enjoy the story.

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