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Tools of the Trade: Habit List

What does Jerry Seinfeld have to offer to opera singers?  Some great tips on productivity, as it turns out.  This interview with the superstar comic from a number of years ago that still bears relevance today, and its reach extends beyond the world of comedy.

In essence, his advice is to create a visual chain of good work for yourself, and continue that habit according to one simple mantra: "Don't break the chain." What that chain is depends on what you need: is it practicing mindfully for 30 minutes each morning before work? Spending 20 minutes a day working through tricky recitatives? Taking 1 hour a week to scour YAP Tracker or the internet for competitions or auditions for the 2012-13 season?  Whatever it is, do it consistently and methodically.

The technology has changed: from oversized calendars to a tool to help you create good habits and break unhealthy ones.  We came across a terrific app called Habit List that might appeal to those needing encouragement while on the go, but any free calendaring option can be utilized effectively.  So, what chain will you be starting today?  Get in the habit and stay on track!

           Habit List

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