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Tools of the Trade: RSS Feeds

With tons of music to learn, auditions to prepare for, languages to study and networking relationships to maintain, adding another responsibility to the mix of what it takes to be a successful opera singer is a somewhat ominous proposition.  However, taking the time to stay current on what is happening in the broader classical music world may ultimately prove to be to your benefit, and it can be easy to do and enjoyable all at once!

What can you find of interest by subscribing to blogs? Newsworthy happenings in feeds like the Deceptive Cadence Around the Classical Internet feed or the Opera America Headline feed; great career advice from industry professionals like Florentine Opera's General Director William Florescu at The Opera Audition; information on how to run your career like a small business with the New York Times Small Business Blog and so much more.

There are many terrific blogs out there to offer a perspective on various aspects of our industry, and with the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds through tools like Google Reader or Feed Reader, or through your mobile device on apps like Feedly (free) or Reeder, we can keep track of our favorite sources over our morning coffee or while waiting in line at the post office. We'll highlight some of these great blogs over the coming weeks. 

Do you keep a blog?  Share it with us and we'll subscribe...we may even highlight it in a future feature.

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