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Deadline Extended: SongFest 2017


SongFest Summer Institute in Los Angeles (June 2 - July 1, 2017)

The Summer Institute is America’s one-stop-shop for art song, comprising five programs tailor-made for art song students at every stage of their development (Studio Artist, Young Artist, Professional Fellows, Recital Fellows, and Pianist Programs), from freshmen in college to professional recitalists. A month-long rigorous art song bootcamp, over 20 internationally distinguished pianists, singers, composers, and lecturers give daily thematic master classes, lectures, and private coachings in their area of expertise: covering the breadth of art song from lieder, to mélodie, to art song, 1800 - modern day. Whatever your interest in song repertoire, work with the experts in the field on bringing your favorite songs to dynamic and informed life, learn to consider songs you thought you knew from a different and enlivening perspective, encounter new exciting repertoire, either forgotten gems or music hot-off-the-press from our resident composers, and build relationships with fellow art song enthusiasts that will last a life-time.

Final recorded deadline extended: apply by January 30.



I think SongFest is terribly important in that the art song is an endangered species…not the songs themselves, not ongoing composition, but in terms of the audience who is attracted to it and will come to song recitals. I find this a tragedy....SongFest is exactly the type of endeavor that needs to take hold in many places. I congratulate SongFest and am thankful for SongFest, and hope that many other people will be inspired by it and take that ball, run with it, and help it all to take root.

I feel very strongly that young singers need more than ever the kind of excellence they find at Songfest. To be a part of [the] program is to receive almost a crash course in the great tradition of singing and expression. And the miracle is that this crash course is offered in a loving, protective and “safe” environment which protects and nourishes the young performer. They can thus start out on their journeys with more courage and conviction and confidence. All the singers whom I have met who have been a part of this program have received an invaluable gift that will influence not only their careers but their lives.”

2015 YOUNG ARTIST Aaron Bigeleisen
“Despite the material being incredible, it was the people that truly made Songfest a memorable experience. This artistic support was fostered by a faculty whose prowess is arguably unmatched. While at Songfest, I had the opportunity to work with people (in no particular order) like Dawn Upshaw, Martin Katz, John Musto, Amy Burton, Ann Murray, Graham Johnson, Jake Heggie, Libby Larsen, Margo Garrett, and many others, whose names escape me now, but certainly not their teachings. The first few days, I was starstruck and nervous; I soon realized that while these powerhouses certainly lived up to their reputation in terms of expectation and talent, their attitude towards me was one of a friend or colleague educating another. Not only this, but I have stayed in contact with many of these faculty members, and I know that if I were in need of musical or artistic assistance, I would only have to reach out to get it.

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