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Self scheduling an audition

In 2008, we introduced our online application functionality to help streamline the submission process. We wanted to make it easier for singers to submit an application (no more burning CDs, printing resumes and waiting for an hour at the Post Office!) and for companies (no more unwrapping and playing hundreds of CDs, sifting through piles of paperwork or manually entering information into Excel).

We have been extremely grateful for the support from singers and companies as we have continued to enhance our online application service. This year, with the release of our new system, we introduced a number of new features. Today, we'd like to highlight one of these features: self-scheduling.  This feature has recently been released, and now that the decision-making process is under way for a number of companies, it is starting to make a first appearance.

With many companies granting hundreds of auditions to individual singers one at a time, the process of scheduling auditions was quite time consuming. In addition while some applications asked a singer for their preferred times (which companies did their best to accommodate), an applicant's availability could be difficult to capture ("I am available after 10am until 2pm and then after 5pm"). Singers could only hope the company administrator had availability if the time wasn't right, or hold out hope for a swap with a colleague. We therefore thought it would be in the best interest of all to simplify the process.

To address these issues, we've introduced an option for a company to allow a singer to schedule their own audition time. For each city in which a company is auditioning, if a singer is granted an audition in that city, they'll have the option of picking one of the available times.

Once a time has been taken, another singer can't select it (it will be struck through; see above).

We hope companies and singers find this feature helpful!

Singers can read more on our help page about how this feature works. Companies wishing to use this feature should contact us for more details.

Please note that this is an optional feature for a company using our online application functionality. We hope more companies will take advatage of this feature going forward.

Do you have a great idea about how we can make the online application process even easier? Please contact us with your thoughts.

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