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Free your voice in NYC this summer: Respiro Opera 2019


Join us this June for a 10 day intensive focused on breath, body, communication! Yoga for Singers, Alexander Technique, Body Mapping, improvisation, stress management for peak performance, mock auditions with NYC vocal agent. Master classes, one on one vocal coachings, public performance. Limited class size 10 participants.

All classes held at Opera America NYC;  deadline application March 10, 2019. Auditions Sunday March 17, 2019 at Opera America. Two pieces of contrasting nature; headshot, resume; bring own pianist. $35 audition fee. See for application form.




“The coaches were wonderful. I really loved everything about the program. Every teacher’s information went along beautifully with things we learned with other coaches so the messages were completely cohesive and I was never confused. I really came out of the program feeling vocally free.” participant

”Free the breath and the body and the voice!!! Any old program can give you a “role on a resume” but it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to participate in a program that’s sole objective is improving your instrument.” participant

“The strengths of the program were small class size with lovely colleagues, lack of competitiveness, and appropriate repertoire selections without comparing between singers. What impacted me most was in listening to my body, breath and grounding myself. I wish Respiro could be a month long!” participant

LeAnn has done a wonderful job of conceiving and executing a plan for a training founded on her philosophy – that singing that is healthy, well-produced and expressive is based on a free and open body, and a connection to a free flow of breath.” Bill Connington, AT

“LeAnn’s thorough preparation of the background, context, characters and meaning of the text of each aria and scene have informed the detailed, meticulous direction she has given you to allow you to realize your individual, fullest possible interpretation.” David Hokelboer, coach/pianist

“Brava! The Respiro singers grow and learn more with each successful and successive year. It is inspiring and amazing that you have created a vision and concept that can produce such profound results in such a shot time. I feel privileged to be a part of this wonderful, vibrant, talented music-making community.” Jan Prokop, Body Mapping

“I think it is quite possible to run out of positive adjectives when speaking about my experience at Respiro this past June. From the very first day when we all stood around playing “ice-breaking” games to the final bow of the performance, I have never felt so supported and encouraged as a singer both by the incredible faculty LeAnn gathered around us as well as by the group of singers I am now thrilled to call my friends.” participant

“I really enjoyed the extra time to discuss the text and historical framework. It’s part of the fun of coaching! And so much goes into the music – not just notes and pretty singing technique. I LOVED starting every session with yoga. Barbara is the greatest. She was so positive and clear in her direction.” participant

“The tuition is definitely reasonable. The number of coachings, master classes, and yoga sessions that we get to participate in at Respiro would cost much more elsewhere in NYC.” participant

“First of all, there are many exercises and concepts I have incorporated into my singing technique which I’ve been using while learning some new pieces. I would definitely recommend Respiro to a friend who was in a similar point in their career as I was. Many thanks to the faculty and mostly to you, LeAnn, for putting together such a wonderful and eye-opening experience. Bravi tutti!” participant

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