Posts > The Resonanz Opera 2019 Big Voices Singing Artists Program – Apply by March 15th!

The Resonanz Opera 2019 Big Voices Singing Artists Program – Apply by March 15th!


The Resonanz Opera 2019 Big Voices Singing Artists Program – Apply by March 15th

Richard Wagner’s “Die Walküre” Act 3
Audition Dates:
Mentor, OH        TBA
Video Auditions are Preferred!

> The Program Goals
The Singing Artists Program was established by Resonanz Opera for singers seeking vocal study who want to bring their talent to the mainstage. The program was created to provide formal vocal education and the professional development of emerging opera singers at all stages of their career. Through this program Resonanz Opera also brings the national opera scene and local talent together with the Singing Artists and the program faculty.

>The Curriculum
Singing Artists will receive voice instruction and coaching for their roles in the program performances. Additionally, Singing Artists will perform in the smaller roles of the mainstage production and they will cover the bigger roles. Our "Complete Singer" Program, in partnership with The Fit Singer, offers instruction to encourage a healthy "mind-body-voice" connection and a lasting foundation of wellness and focus for developing singers in a positive mindset.

> A Program For All Singers
The Singing Artists Program is unique and forward-thinking. Resonanz Opera offers role opportunities to artists of all ages and stages of development in a supportive and positive environment dedicated to study and performance. There is no age limit to audition or work with Resonanz Opera. Resonanz Opera also loudly rejects all forms of discrimination for personal characteristics or traits and encourages every singer with a good voice and a desire to work to apply for an audition. The Singing Artists Program is also actively reaching out to more kinds of singers and is aimed at the development of different specific types of voices and every age and stage of artistic development. The Resonanz Opera Singing Artists Program is for *all opera singers*.

> Singing Artists Program - BIG Voices Program at Resonanz Opera
Resonanz Opera is pleased to announce the launch of a new special program celebrating and championing Big Voices in this country and in Europe. Our three week session of the Singing Artist Program (June 23- July 14), will present Richard Wagner's Act 2 or 3 of Die Walküre. Roger Malouf of the Metropolitan Opera will coach, conduct, and prepare the singers for the stage. Voice lessons with Heidi Skok and coaching Lori Philips who specialize in big voices will take place. This is an opportunity to prepare these roles for the stage and present them to an audience in northeastern Ohio.

> Other Program Information
• Voice lessons with Master Vocal Instructor and active training for the opera performance roles by well recognized vocal coaches.
• Mindset and Fit Singer instruction, and holistic wellness practices.
• Performances in the City of Mentor and other locations.
• Housing and transportation provided.
• There is a tuition fee for enrollment in the program.

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