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Want a discount off your renewal?

The summer's here and for many of you, your accounts are set to expire within the next few months. Want to reduce your renewal fee? Our refer a friend program can help. As a sign of our appreciation, for each person you invite who signs up using the unique code sent through our system, we will credit your YAP Tracker account with $5. The person signing up will also receive $5 off the first year subscription. A win-win!

Want to take the best advantage of this opportunity? Refer as many people as you like at the same time. Our system allows you to enter multiple email addresses at once. A link to the referral option can be found in the upper right hand corner of any screen.

Want to let Facebook do the work for you? Click the Facebook icon in the referral corner to post a link on your Facebook page. Friends who click the link within your post will automatically fill your unique code onto their sign up form.

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