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Private opportunities page: go ahead and track it!

Have you found an amazing opportunity that you didn't find through YAP Tracker? Would you like to use our tracking service to keep tabs on the deadline but worry that we'll post it for all to see? Rest assured, it is probably unlikely.

99% of the time, what you post privately falls into one of the following categories:

1. Something we already have posted but list a little differently and thus it didn't come up how a member searches for it
2. Something we know about but don't have enough information to post
3. Something a company has specifically asked that we not post
4. Something we know companies rarely advertise on public sites and thus we don't pursue (agent auditions, mainstage auditions only open to managed singers etc.)

In that 1% of the time that it is an opportunity we've never seen before that falls within the bounds of what is typically posted on YAP Tracker, we STILL always follow up with the company to ask for the information and permission to post. It is very rare that everything falls into place to allow us to post the opportunity, but we do retain the right to view your private listing just the same.

We hope you agree that the private listings section of the site is a useful feature; it is one that many, many members take advantage of, and we hope you will too!

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