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Deadline 4/25! The Premiere Opera Vocal Arts Institute 2019


Herein lies the rub, folks: There are lots of summer opera programs out there, you know? So you really need to look at what each program is offering, and figure out what type of experience it is that you really want to have, and what is best for your specific developmental needs.

Let's think on this together. Why should you choose a program that is asking you to put up a full operatic role in a very short period of time, in not the ideal circumstances for success? Why should you spend your summer singing chorus or small parts just to fill the needs of the larger program? Do you really want to sing a leading role with a pick up orchestra, especially if your technique is not ready?...and does that not risk hindering your overall technical psychology, actually taking you steps backwards in your development? Does this sound like the best way to maximize your time and money?

We at Premiere Vocal Arts do not subscribe to the above methodology.

We do however subscribe to this:

Actually spending the time learning how to sing, and developing in the true Italian style, focusing hardcore for four weeks on technique so that you can then go back to your school or conservatory, or come back for the start of the fall audition season, in full force, and in the best position for success to accomplish your goals. Putting in the necessary work. Forgetting all the noise in order to properly focus and study. This mentality is what the career demands, and what we believe in so strongly at Premiere Vocal Arts. Don't take the shortcuts, they lead to nothing tangible or long term. One lesson a week if you are lucky at your school, conservatory, or privately is just not enough. Spend your summer really getting your technique down, receiving with us as many voice lessons and coachings in four weeks, as you would likely get in an entire semester at your school. You need to study, friends. It is essential. Without a technique, you cannot sustain any type of a potential career.

Don't misunderstand us, stage experience is a necessary part of one's development, and in our program you will still perform on aria, song, and scenes concerts, and work role preparation with our fantastic vocal, drama, and language coaches, but it will be in a nurturing and carefully planned out environment that has your best interest and specific needs at heart. We take pride in our smaller program size, so that each student receives the necessary personalized attention and mentorship. We have no interest in sticking you in tedious staging rehearsals when you really need to be working on your technique. We build our program around you -- your operatic development, if you can sing technically secure, and if you can actually say something with your artistry. The knowledge you'll gain from studying the true Italian technique with these masters, will provide you with the confidence necessary to trust your technique in a strong foundational and philosophical way.

So, friends, do you have what it takes? We would be honored to have you part of our Premiere family if our mantra is something that excites you. 

We stand by every word, and it is our mission to prove it to you. Come join us. 

Scholarships are still available!

If you can't attend for the full four weeks, weekly options are available.

Please check out our website for all the details:

Deadline April 25th.

Act Now. An amazing journey awaits.

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