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Paride Venturi International Academy of Opera: Applications now open for 20-21



Learn to sing opera with Carlo Colombara & Fulvio Massa in the great Italian tradition of Paride Venturi, who was taught by Arturo Melocchi, in the historic city of Bologna, Italy.  Master the fundamentals of singing, including vocal technique, support, singing on the breath and projection.  Participate in many masterclasses headed by legendary singers. Enhance your singing with optimal methods of studying operatic scores, theatrical studies with directors and actors, plus meetings with speech therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists to achieve a complete understanding of the multiple facets needed to become a great singer. The Academy is headed by Carlo Colombara & Fulvio Massa.  Masterclasses will be presented by great names in the world of opera including Hui He, Luciana Serra, Aprile Millo, Fabio Armiliato, Marco Boemi, Paolo Coni, Ines Salazar, Mariana Pentcheva, Paolo Barbacini, Leone Magiera, Roberto Scandiuzzi, Roberto Servile and many more.



For many years I have wished to open an academy on behalf of my late and excellent singing teacher Paride Venturi.  I am extremely happy to bring it to life with my baritone friend Fulvio Massa, with whom I have been collaborating for several years who was also a pupil of Maestro Venturi. This Academy strives to be completely unique from the others scattered around the world.  The singing method will be exclusively that of the school of Arturo Melocchi, of which Paride Venturi was a pupil, naturally added to our theatrical experience and with slight adjustments as the repertoire has changed considerably in the last 30 years with the advent of the Rossini and Donizetti Renaissance, especially in Italy with the frequent productions of Mozart and other composers that were rarely performed.

The Academy has the goal of creating great voices and interpreters.  The Academy is structured so that the singers can leave the academy ready for auditions and ready to sing on stage. For this reason, during the first year there will be many headed by famous singers, in-depth score study, scenic art work with directors or actors, presentations by speech therapists, psychologists and physiotherapists for comprehensive understanding of the physical positions ideal for singing.

Of course the fundamental aspect will be training in vocal technique, based on support, singing on the breath and projection of the voice. As for the Baroque repertoire, we will have master classes with famous singers of this repertoire.  We will also have classes for high sopranos who need practical examples and guidance.  We will offer a comprehensive operatic education that does not leave students hoping to change teachers, since there are two techniques: one right and one wrong. With humility and with awareness, we teach the correct one that personally made me sing at the highest levels for 36 years.  We hope many of you will attend. The most promising students will participate in concerts beginning at end of December in Bologna and in concert performances that will be chosen from time to time based on the voices that will attend the academy.

Best wishes and see you soon.


2020 - 2021 Academic Program

Oct 1:  Grand Opening at 4 pm

Oct 2 - 19:  Private lessons

Oct 20 - 22: Masterclass with Hui He- “Strength & Control of the Dramatic Voice”

Oct 23 - 31:  Private lessons

Nov 3 - 14:  Private lessons

Nov 15 - 18: Masterclass with Carlo Colombara & Fulvio Massa

Nov 19 - 30:  Private lessons

Dec 1 - 4:  Private lessons

Dec 10 - 12: Masterclass with Lucia Mazzaria- “The Traditional Style of Singing Opera”

Dec 13 - 23: Private lessons

Dec 26:  Holiday Concert

Jan 11- 23:  Private lessons

Jan 25 - 27: Masterclass with Leone Magiera- “The Art of Operatic Score Reading”

Feb 1 - 7: Private lessons

Feb 8 - 10: Masterclass with Paolo Coni- “Interpreting Romantic Opera”

Feb 11 - 27:  Private lessons

Mar 1 - 3: Masterclass with Carlo Colombara & Fulvio Massa

Mar 4 - 31: Private lessons

Apr 1 - 3: Masterclass with Paolo Barbacini- “The Rossini Voice”

Apr 5 - 30: Private lessons

May 2 - 4: Masterclass with Carlo Colombara & Fulvio Massa

May 5 - 31: Private lessons

Jun 1 - 3:  Masterclass with Bernadette Manca di Nissa- “From Baroque to Rossini”

June 4 -  29: Private lessons

June 30 - Jul 2: Masterclass with Ines Salazar- “Interpreting Opera from Verdi to Verismo”

July 4: Final Concert


Sept 20 - 24: Masterclass with Luciana Serra

Nov 5 - 7: Masterclass with Fabio Armiliato

Dec 18 - 20:  Masterclass with Roberto Servile

Jan 15 - 17: Masterclass with Leone Magiera

Feb 1 - 5: Masterclass with Mariana Pentcheva

Mar 2 - 4: Masterclass with Roberto Scandiuzzi

May 2 - 4:  Masterclass with Marco Boemi

Jul 1 - 4:  Masterclass with Aprile Millo


Private lessons:

1 hour: 100,00 EUR

2 hours: 80,00 EUR each

3 hours: 70,00 EUR each

4 hours: plus 60,00 EUR each

(The booked package of lessons must be used within one week.)

Accompanying pianist: 1 hour 30,00 EUR

Masterclass featuring guest instructors: 400,00 EUR to 800,00 EUR
Masterclass featuring internal instructors: 300,00 EUR
Masterclass (all) as an auditor: 100,00 EUR

A certificate of completion will be given to attending students who completed the course.

Each masterclass with our internal instructors, Carlo Colombara and Fulvio Massa will also feature supplementary subjects as:

Scenic art
Italian language (for foreigners)
History of the French opera

Registration is currently open. To register, please contact:


The Paride Venturi International Opera Academy follows the Covid-19 guidelines in accordance with the Italian Government Decrees. While accessing our building, please wear a mask and keep social distance. Hand-sanitizer dispensers are located at the entrance. Flooring and furniture in the area is being cleaned and disinfected using suitable products; Toilets are frequently disinfected and proper hand-washing guidelines are posted; everyone is advised to take care to avoid queues or other clusters of persons forming. 

During each individual lesson, safety is encouraged by the constant sanitization of the rooms and by the use of safety devices such as plexiglass barriers, cleaners and disinfectants to clean countertops and keyboards at shift-change. You are asked to report not earlier than 5 minutes prior to scheduled lesson time in order to avoid congestion and to maintain proper social distancing. 


Paride Venturi International Academy

Via della Casa Buia, 6, Bologna, Italy 40129


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