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World class training in Madrid: Apply now for OPERASTUDIO 18/19 – organized by University of Alcalá


Operastudio: a high specialization project for opera singers organized from 2010 by the Universidad de Alcalá – Madrid – Spain

Operastudio are high performance centres for opera singers and performing arts professionals that has decades of tradition in all Europe and USA. The main opera theatres organize this activity but our Operastudio is the only in Europe linked to a prestigious academic centre, this allow us to accredit this training.

The Universidad de Alcalá, declared World Heritage by the Unesco in 1998, it is one of the oldest and more prestigious of Europe, located in Madrid, Spain, about 30.000 students made their university studies in it. In parallel of this, The Universidad de Alcalá also develop an extensive cultural and artistic programme.

It’s Fundación General, decided in 2010 to start up this new project, OPERASTUDIO, pioneer in Spain, linked in the best lyric professionals with the academic tradition of our University. The Project was born as renovation of the Workshop of stage performance for opera singers, directed by Giancarlo del Monaco, (2005 – 2009), it gave us a lot of experience about the training needs of this sector.

More than 300 singers, in many cases postgraduates, have participated in the six promotions of Operastudio, evaluating as very satisfactory their experience, and many of them have had the opportunity of put into practice their knowledge in paid concerts open to the public, where they have showed their high potential.

The new offer has achieved the high specialization of young singers pushing their professional careers, many of them have achieved success in the most important stages in the world.

Operastudio is supported by all the management team of Fundación General (Universidad de Alcalá) and it is leaded by Lourdes Pérez-Sierra, pianist specialized in performing arts management and founder of this project.

In its eight programmes have participated between others Masters of international prestigious as the conductor Gianluigi Gelmetti, Mariella Devia, the mezzo Teresa Berganza, the conductors Eduardo López Banzo and Alberto Zedda (the most worldwide expert in Rossini), the pianists Edelmiro Arnaltes and Juan Antonio Álvarez Parejo (partners of Alfredo Kraus and Teresa Berganza respectively), the stage directors Ignacio García (National Prize),  Jochen Schonleber (Rossini Wildbad Festival director) and Paul Emile Fourny (Artistic Director of Metz Metropole Opera –Theatre), the prestigious singer teacher Ana Luisa Chova, the tenor Aquiles Machado and the  countertenors Carlos Mena and Xavier Sabata. Also we have had the opportunity to learn about artistic agents as Miguel Lerín, Alfonso Leoz, and Marc Mazy between others. Operastudio offers also career coaching and pathophysiology services for all the students and professionals. All the participants are included in an active job board where could participate in Lyric concerts and cycles as Lírica en el Corral. (

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