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Vocal Training in the Italian Belcanto Singing Tradition: the International School of the Voice 2021


We are proud to be the creators of the first structured sequential method of vocal training in the Italian Belcanto singing tradition. Our goal is to contribute to the world of the performing arts with exceptional and unique individuals, that through their voices and talent are not only highly adept at their craft, but consummate, extraordinary artists.

Drawing from the legendary classical voice tradition of Belcanto, and past and living vocal masters, it is an exclusive and groundbreaking approach. The integration of Belcanto technique with ancient breathing practices and concentration exercises helps artists to expand their potential, and witness tangible self-growth of their artistic persona.

Through the understanding of the individual temperament, with the assistance of cognitive behavioral techniques, we help to strengthen them and directly impact their vocal development, building performers of discipline and character.

When you learn to sing with Belcanto technique, you open the instrument to its most opulent, gaining comprehensive control and a true and unique vocal identity. The temperament and timbre of the artist is the fingerprint of their particular instrument. This identity is drawn from within, not invented, and fully developed in the care of our institution. We focus on understanding and attending the whole person- every lesson, every breath, every note.

Based on an initial audition and consultation, artists are given an outline for the projected development of their voice work and then placed into a level to begin in our graduated curriculum. Here they will be introduced to the principles of the EDT model and their specific level studies. As the artist advances through the system, they are given more complex and layered technical, musical, linguistic, and interpretive exercises. The exams to move forward in level will be scheduled as the artist’s readiness allows, as timing and development is individual.


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