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Finding your path: blog post by Dabney Ross Jones

With so many opportunities listed on YAP Tracker, it can be difficult to weigh one program against all other available options. One YAP Tracker member, Dabney Ross Jones, shares on her blog why she has chosen to participate in the Salzburg Voice Festival program this summer. Many thanks to Dabney for allowing us to post a link to her post.

It is important that all singers devote their resources to the best possible avenue for personal and career growth as they choose among available opportunities; what may be right for one colleague may not be what you need a specific point on your personal path.  What do you need right now to achieve the next small step that will build toward your larger goals? Is it language? Is it stage time? Is it breath management? Finding your champion?

Her piece reminded us of two earlier posts about finding the right program for your path:

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We'll look forward to following up with Dabney after her summer in Salzburg to see how the program has helped her to attain her current career objective! Toi, toi, toi Dabney, and best wishes for a fulfilling adventure!

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