Featured site: sarasabag.com

We recently launched a new version of our hosting service and are highlighting some of the new features by showcasing a website created by one of our members. See our Hosting Section to view a guided tour and to sign up for a free preview site.

Our new hosting service offers many more designs. Sara chose one of the themes with a dark background and it's definitely one of our favorites.

The first feature that we'd like to highlight is on Sara's homepage. When setting up a page, YAP Tracker allows you to choose different layouts and assign different content types to sections in that layout. Rather than just adding text, Sara chose to use an image on the left and her audio files on the right. We think that these choices really make her home page unique and eye-catching.

When building a site, a default set of pages are automatically created. These include a Resume page and a Contact Us page. The Contact Us page includes a contact us form component that allows a singer to be contacted through their site without listing their email (which prevents potential spammers from seeing your email).  Options also exist to include your contact information in text format if you prefer (personal or management).

Feel free to explore the rest of Sara's site. If you'd like to try our hosting service to create your own site, you can get started by creating a free preview site. For instructions and more details, please visit our hosting section