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Fall auditions: virtual and recording recommendations

As we approach a fall opera audition season that will be unlike any we've had before, YAP Tracker is committed to helping our members navigate the changes. Many companies will be shfiting focus and opting for video or virtual auditions, so we've collected some resources we hope will be helpful.

Opera America recently published a comprehensive guide for creating virtual auditions, with an accompanying list of recommended equipment. We have a few more suggestions* which we hope will help as we approach this entirely new audition season.

The Shure SM58 is a great mic for at-home recording.  Please note that you may need to purchase an adapter to connect any mic to your computer. 

This mic stand is a very good buy:

Have additional recommendations for equipment or links to best recording practices you'd like us to share with our members? We'd be happy to include your thoughts if you contact us with details.

It's been a tough start to 2020 and please know that we are with you in looking ahead; we remain optimistic that better days are ahead and will do everything we can to support our members along the way.


*Our thanks to Adam Forgione at Pennylane for his advice and recommendations.

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