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CROMA Milano's Dall'Aria all'audiZione: deadline October 30!


With a solid 5 stars rating from former participants, CROMA Milano's "dall'Aria all'audiZione" has become the ultimate workshop to make singers stand out in auditions.

The 4th edition of this unique program is coming up next winter in Vercelli (1h train from Milan or Turin) during winter break (Dec 28 - Jan 8). 

An incomparable faculty ready to inspire: Patrizia Ciofi, Chris Merritt, Federico Sacchi, Stefano Vizioli, Carles Exposito. 

"Dall'Aria all'audiZione" is not just about refining tecnique and interpretation, but also and foremost about making the right choices and developing useful skills, with special focus on repertoire, stage presence, confidence, physiotherapy, diction, marketing and promotional material.

On the performative side, mock auditions, public masterclasses, and two gala concerts will make sure you put it all into practice!

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