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Chicago Summer Opera 2018: Deadline approaching!

Chicgao summer opera

Chicago Summer Opera offers training to developing artists while providing accessible and high quality performances to our community. Singers perform in main stage productions and scene programs. Apply today! Deadlines are coming up fast. More information at

Key Features

Voice Lessons
Weekly private voice lessons. The student has the opportunity to go over audition material and roles. Major advantages include networking, a new perspective and fine tuning their instrument.

The student has the opportunity to go over audition material and roles. Major advantages include fine tuning language, musical and dramatic abilities.

Master Classes
A chance to witness or take part in workshops conducted by professionals such as conductors, directors, voice teachers and opera stars.

Dramatic Preparation
An opportunity for the students to break down their roles or audition material from a dramatic perspective. The course focuses on understanding and building a character.

Movement Class
Students learn to prepare their bodies for performances. The class focuses on body posture and movement in a performance setting.

‚ÄčCareer Workshops
Aimed to provide artists with information tied to launching a career. Materials covered are young artist programs, agent/manager relationships, taxes, promotion, email etiquette, European competition and audition circuit and much more.

Diction Class
An opportunity for students to analyze the language aspect of their material.

Scenes Program
Students prepare and stage scenes with our resident stage and music directors. Scenes will be performed with piano.

Chicago: Received By Fri Nov 03, 2017
Bloomington: Received By Fri Nov 24, 2017
Houston: Received By Mon Nov 27, 2017
New York: Received By Wed Nov 29, 2017
Recording: Received By Fri Dec 15, 2017

Materials Required
May send two arias in lieu of live audition via YAP Tracker application 

$28 Application Fee

Application Form Location

Audition Information

Audition Locations and Dates
Chicago, IL:  Sat 11th Nov 2017- Sun 12th Nov 2017
Bloomington, IN: Sat 2nd Dec 2017
Houston, TX: Mon 4th Dec 2017
New York, NY: Wed 6th Dec 2017

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