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Take your performance to the next level: Canto Vocal Programs 2021


Canto is an intensive program focused on developing the qualities that are hallmarks of great performers: expressiveness through authentic musical styles, language, interpretation and acting.

Beginning with intensive individual musical and dramatic coachings with the core Canto faculty (Lucy Arner, Liora Maurer, Sharon Mohar) and conversation classes with native speakers in French and Italian singers can expect to build and strengthen their tools as performers. A distinguished group of top industry professionals will present masterclasses on diverse styles. Marco Armiliato and Antony Walker bring a conductor's point of view to a variety of repertoire, David Lomeli brings his experience as a singer and administrator, and Craig Rutenberg and Joan Dornemann bring incomparable experience as coaches for singers of all levels.

A unique aspect of these programs are some classes in some special topics. Deborah Birnbaum will offer a class on breathing, performance psychologist Noa Kageyama will present classes on dealing with stage fright and effective mental preparation for performers. A very special class on Cabaret and Crossover repertoire will be presented by Hans Pieter Herman and Ira Siff. Both are incredibly knowledgeable in opera as well as the performance of Cabaret/Crossover  styles in an idiomatic fashion.

The 2021 programs will also include a class on French and German diction with Hemdi Kfir, English lyric diction with Lynn Baker and Czech and Russian diction with Damien Francoeur-Krzyzek. 

Canto Vocal Programs takes great pride in fully supporting its singers. However, the number of scholarships are limited, so apply now!

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