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Breno Italy International Music Academy (BIIMA) 2023: Apply Now!


Awaken your Artistry with One-On-One Personalized Training 




From The Scenic Views Of The Alps, and The Energy Of The Coaches, BIIMA Is An Experience You Will Never Forget.

BIIMA is a safe and nurturing environment for each singer to follow their inner voice with guidance from outstanding faculty.  We believe in promoting a sense of wellbeing and each student will receive:

-Zoom meeting 2 months prior to set out personal goals and repertoire
-Daily one-on-one guidance
-Italian language class
-Personal journey on finding artistic self
-Strategies and classes on anxiety, musicianship and networking
-Interdisciplinary - students have access to all of the programs
-Ensemble classes
-Daily masterclass
-Performance opportunities, including gala concert

“The faculty at BIIMA purposefully keep the program small, which not only facilitates more one-on-one time for each singer, it allows everyone the opportunity to become extremely tight-knit by the end of the two weeks. There really isn’t a sense of competition at BIIMA—the faculty encourage everyone to support one another. Because of the small numbers, and the tone set by the faculty, I left Breno with friendships and artistic relationships that I will cherish for the rest of my life. I will also cherish the moments I had with many of the nuns at the Academy. They are some of the kindest, most generous, encouraging people I have ever met, who will celebrate your accomplishments through the program at every turn.”
- Sarah Nearing BIIMA 2022

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