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The International Belcanto Academy summer course 2024: apply now!

The next summer course of the INTERNATIONAL BELCANTO ACADEMY will take place in Theater Het Lichtruim in Bilthoven and will last three weeks.
In addition to intensive vocal and scenic training, the program consists of rehearsals for the performance of DON GIOVANNI by W.A. Mozart.
Because we will be working with two casts, the opera will be performed twice.
We prefer to work with singers who not only sing well but are also interested in creating a convincing character.
The theater expects a fully professional production.
The course is scheduled in the period from 4 to 25 August 2024.
The participation fee is € 1800 including and € 1600 excluding lodging.

For signing up for the course and role(s), please see the application form:

Another positive feedback on our  Summer course!
Lessons with Raymond Modesti are invaluable. Every time I work with him, I find more efficient and quicker ways to coordinate my breath to support the sound and stabilize the larynx rather than letting my jaw and tongue control these factors. Whenever I had hesitation or felt any unnecessary tension, he would find ways for me to achieve the same (or usually better) sound without it. I came to the program this year feeling some sort of very subtle but unneeded hold in my abdominal muscles that I wanted to address and his approach allowed me to remap and very consciously modify my breath coordination to avoid that "hold". I find this approach allows a freer sound with less manipulation and it becomes very easy to articulate the vowels in a natural speech-like way. Thank you!!!
The opportunity to perform such a wonderful role with reduced orchestra for an audience is incredible. It allows me to safely explore how to technically and dramatically execute a large role and to work through the nerves of performing. The collegial environment that Raymond and Nelly create is unlike other programs and I appreciate the effort they both put in.
One on one acting lessons with Nelly Vogler are fantastic— insightful and practical. I really enjoyed working with the conductor, Lex Wiersma .
Amy Harris
Though I was only with Raymond Modesti for 3 weeks in voice lessons, I understood more about proper technique from Raymond in that time than in my 7+ years studying in college. He made singing feel effortless. 
It was also one of the first times I felt confident about my singing. For years as an American, I felt behind in my progress. Raymond, Nelly Vogler were wonderful in reinforcing that I was perfectly on track developmentally. Their responses were incredibly refreshing to know I'm not behind. 
I cannot begin to describe the positive experience I had with this program.
Trey Pittman 
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