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I'm a manager. Why can't I submit more than one application for my roster?

The site is designed so that a person can only submit one application per account. This is to prevent members from mistakenly submitting multiple applications for the same program.  It is also to prevent members from sharing accounts, which is against our terms and conditions that all members sign when they register for an account.  We do offer "guest" accounts on the site, which require no registration fee, to be used solely for submitting applications without having access to our listings and other features.

We understand that managers wish to use the site to submit multiple individuals from their roster. If you are a manager and wish to have the site designed more effectively for your usage, we will be happy to create an alternative version for a fee for you and your colleagues.  Please discuss among your peer organizations, and if a sufficient consensus is reached, we are happy to discuss.

In the interim, you have two options for members of your roster to apply to programs using our online application service:

1. The individuals can apply on their own.
2. You can create individual "guest" accounts (no registration fee required) for each applicant you wish to submit. You can sign them each up by logging out of your email account and then completing the "application only" registration for each singer. You will need different email accounts for each person. Go to the registration page here: