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Getting Started

On behalf of the YAP Tracker team, we'd like to say thank you for your support of YAP Tracker, we greatly appreciate it!

YAP Tracker allows you to find and track 1000s of opportunities each year. We also allow users to submit applications online and provide a number of tools to help manage the administrative aspects of your career, including calendar and expense tracking, private audition tracking, audition swapping, accompanist tools and more.

To start, we recommend visiting the Opportunities page.

By default, this will display all current opportunities only.  If you wish to view all previously published listings, select the All option from the Status field in the grey box.

YAP Tracker allows you to track an opportunity throughout the application process (application to send, application sent, audition granted, audition complete and result provided).  

If you are interested in an opportunity, click the tick next to the opportunity.

This will add the opportunity to your list of applications to send. YAP Tracker members receive daily alerts with new opportunities. In addition, opportunities with upcoming deadlines that you have marked interest in are also included in the alert email.

If you are not interested, click the x to remove it from your queue. 

To view your applications to send, click the Applications to Send link under the Applications menu.

This will list opportunities in which you've flagged interest but have yet to indicate that an application has been sent.

Once you've sent in an application, click the envelope to indicate that you've sent in an application. This will add the opportunity to your list of applications sent. 

You can view a list of your sent applications by clicking the Applications Sent link under the Application menu.

When you receive a decision from the company, you can indicate it by visiting the Applications sent page and clicking either the audition granted icon (tick) or the no audition granted icon (X).

If you select the audition granted icon, you'll be prompted to enter the audition time and location. If you don't know it yet, you can enter it later by visiting the opportunity listing, scrolling to the bottom of the page and entering it in the personal tracking section.

All upcoming auditions will be listed in the Upcoming Auditions page which you can view by clicking the Upcoming Auditions link under the My Auditions menu item.

Once your audition is complete, click the icon to mark it accordingly (tick = audition complete, X = audition not performed). It will be moved to your audition complete queue. 

All completed auditions will be listed in the Auditions Complete page accessible from the My Auditions menu. 

When you learn a result, click the icon matching the decision made.

Offer or decline decisions will be added to the Result Known list (under the Opportunities menu). Callbacks will be added back to the My Auditions -> Upcoming Auditions menu.

All tracking can also be performed on the detail page for the opportunity. Simply click the link to view the opportunity, scroll to the bottom of the page and complete the personal tracking section.

Thank you again for your support. We encourage you to visit our help section to read more about how to use YAP Tracker. You are also welcome to contact us at any time with questions or suggestions.

YAP Tracker Team