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Application Processing Pricing

Our application processing fee is based on the number of applications received.

For each application submitted, we charge the company a processing fee of $3.50 (not including applicable credit card fees - see below for more details). We cap our application processing fee at $1750 per application. If you receive less than 57 applications, the application processing fee will be a flate rate of $200.

For example:

  • If you receive 10 applications, the processing fee charged to the company is $200
  • If you receive 50 applications, the processing fee is $200
  • If you receive 60 applications, the processing fee is $210 ($3.50 * 60)
  • If you receive 200 applications, the process fee will be $700 ($3.50 * 200)
  • If you receive 500 or more applications, your processing fee will be $1750.

Credit Card Processing Fees

When setting up an application you can choose to require applicants to pay an application fee and the method by which they can pay that fee (credit card, check or money order). If you allow credit card payments, YAP Tracker collects a credit card processing fee in addition to the per application processing fee. The credit card processing fee is $0.30 + 2.9% of total application fee per transaction and there is no cap (this fee is what our credit card company charges us and we are just passing it on). Transactions outside the USA incur a $0.30 + 3.9% fee.

For example, if you decide to charge an application fee of $35 and the singer pays that fee using their credit card, the credit card processing fee is $1.315 ($0.30 + 2.9% * $35). If you receive 600 applications (all choosing to pay by credit card) the credit card processing fee will be $789 (600 * $1.315) in addition to the $1750 application processing fee.

YAP Tracker does not collect credit card processing fees for check or money order submissions, but the per application fee charges will still apply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there additional fees for audio and/or video options?

There are no additional fees for audio or video options. The fee is comprehensive for all that we offer, including self-scheduling for applicants that are granted auditions, online recommendations, video processing, etc. You are welcome to use all of the features that the site offers without any concern for additional fees.

Is the $200 mentioned above a setup fee in addition to the application processing fee?

No. $200 is the application processing fee if you receive less than 57 applications. It is really more of a minimum application processing fee. The staff time required to set up the forms, help companies get up to speed and troubleshoot is the same whether an application receives 10 or 1000 applications, so we have a minumum fee to ensure that our staff time is covered for smaller projects. For companies that are using the service for the first time, or for companies who have received fewer than 57 applications in the previous year, we require that this fee be paid up front.

Can I still use your service if I only expect to receive less than 57 applications?

Yes. We are happy to to help you with your application process. If you receive less than 57 application your processing fee will be $200.

If I elect to allow credit card payments, how do we receive the application fees collected?

When a singer pays an application fee with their credit card, YAP Tracker collects that fee. At the end of the first whole month of usage, YAP Tracker we will send a check totalling the fees collected the previous month (plus any partial month time if you start in the middle of the month) minus per application and processing fees.

If I elect to accept check or money order who collects the checks?

Any check or money order payments are sent directly to the company by the applicant. No credit card processing fee is charged (only the $3.50 fee is charged).

What if I have multiple applications?

For 2 or more applications, the maximum fee is $1750 per application. For more information, please visit our Multiple Applications pricing page.

Do you collect money in international dollars?

Yes! Please contact us for more information. There is a higher credit card percentage charged by our processor that we do pass on. If you want your collected fees (minus our processing fees) sent via wire transfer, there is an additional $40 charge.