Washington National Opera

Cafritz Young Artists: Singers (2023-24)

This application closed on Monday September 12, 2022.

Please note: this application is for SINGERS ONLY. If you are interested in applying as a PIANIST, this application can be found here.

We will be holding our annual live audition tour in Washington D.C., New York City, Cincinnati, and Houston. In addition, we will be working together with other young artist programs on a coordinated virtual audition process as an option in lieu of a live audition. Steps are outlined below to guide your understanding of this shared video audition process, followed by information about our live audition process.


Step 1: Apply to each program as you normally would. Applications are due Sunday, September 11.
Step 2: Notifications of video auditions will be sent by each company by Friday, October 7. This notification will contain a link to submit a new aria list.
Step 3: Submit your aria list (one list for all programs), indicating your chosen “starter” aria, by Tuesday, October 11.
Step 4: Notification of requested arias from your list (one request for all programs) will be uploaded to your YAP Tracker application on Wednesday, October 19.
Step 5: Record a new video audition and submit the video to each company via YAP Tracker by Friday, November 4.


November 1-3, 2022 in Washington, DC (WNO Studios)
November 6, 2022 in Houston, TX (Rice University)
November 8, 2022 in Cincinnati, OH (CCM Patricia Corbett Theater)

November 28-30, 2022 in New York, NY (Opera America)

Step 1: Apply to the Cafritz Young Artists as you normally would. Applications are due Sunday, September 11Please note that to have a live audition, you must be fully vaccinated (with proof) by your audition date. Anyone who is unable to comply, should chose the video audition option.
Step 2: Notifications of live auditions will be sent by Friday, October 14. At this time you will be able to self-select your preferred audition time on YAP Tracker.
Step 3: Attend your live audition and present the audition monitor with your proof of vaccination. If you are not fully vaccinated by the time of your audition, you should choose the video audition option on your application.

Please contact Cafritz Young Artists at CYA@kennedy-center.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

Please use the standard 2 letter state abbreviation where applicable (NY, TX, AZ etc.)
No spaces, dashes etc. phone number fields
No spaces, dashes etc. phone number fields
Non-US citizens, non-US Green Card holders, and those not currently holding a visa should contact CYA@kennedy-center.org before applying.
Please list the teachers and coaches with whom you have worked.
Maximum number of selections permitted: 5


Please give details of three artistic authorities (directors, conductors, coaches, voice teachers) with whom you have worked and who may act as references. Only one of your references may be a voice teacher.
Please upload your resume
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Please upload at least three contrasting recordings (audio and/or video) for consideration. Video recordings can be the same as audio recordings as long as there are at least three contrasting audio/video recordings altogether. Please do not upload more than six files in total or your form will not submit. Minimum number of audio and/or video (combined total) permitted: 3. Maximum number of audio and/or video (combined total) permitted: 6.
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You may upload up to three video selections. Minimum number of video and/or audio (combined total) permitted: 3. Maximum number of video and/or audio (combined total) permitted: 6

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Audition Repertoire

Preliminary audition repertoire must show a variety of styles and be offered in at least three different languages. Please note that it is acceptable to change audition repertoire for the live audition from what is listed on the application.
Minimum number of selections permitted: 5. Maximum number of selections permitted: 6
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3
Selection 4
Selection 5
Selection 6