Vienna Summer Music Festival

Vienna Summer Music Festival Application in St. Petersburg, FL(2021)

This application closed on Friday April 30, 2021.


The Vienna Summer Music Festival aims to provide its participants with the highest quality of instruction taught by renowned faculty from such institutions as the Vienna State Opera, Vienna Philharmonic, and Vienna Symphony. Festival participants will engage in performances, coachings, master classes, academic classes, and lessons. The Vienna Summer Music Festival is an experience that will expose participants to an entirely new level of professionalism, and will prepare students for a career in classical music.  

Due to COVID-19, we are relocating this year to St. Petersburg, FL and we are being hosted by the St. Petersburg Opera Company. We are delighted to introduce Jennifer Rowley as part of our faculty and Gregory Buchalter as one of our featured maestri!

Applicants should be available from June 6th(arrival date in St. Petersburg, FL) to June 28th (departing on June 21st). Opera Institute participants will sing a full operatic role with orchestra and cover a second. There will be daily masterclasses, private lessons, and coachings as well.  

This season includes La Boheme, La Femme Boheme, Hansel & Gretel, and contemoporary opera The Loathly Lady. We have visiting guest faculty Jennifer Rowley with us and students will sing for agents both affiliated here in the U.S., Vienna, and Germany.  

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Scholarships available up to $2000

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Applicants may submit recordings in lieu of a live audition. Opera Institute and Opera Studio applicants are required to submit two contrasting arias, one of which needs to be sung in French, Italian, or German.
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If you wish to be considered for scholarship to the Vienna Summer Music Festival please submit a short 500-750 word essay. This essay should outline personal financial circumstance as well as discuss how completeing the VSMF will impact your career. Full Scholarships, Partial Scholarships and Stpends are available. Maximum number of documents permitted: 1
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