Tri-Cities Opera

Tri Cities Opera: Master of Music in Opera at Binghamton University: Singer/Pianist Application (2018-19)

This application closed on Wednesday November 15, 2017.

Materials Required

To Apply (application must include):

1.    Completed application form
2.    Resumé
3.    A recent 8x10 headshot photo
4.    Pre-screening: A high-quality video recording no more than 15 minutes, representing four compositions in contrasting styles, one each in English, French, German and Italian (opera, oratorio and art song)
5.   A $35 non-refundable processing fee


1.    Completed application form
2.    CV
3.    Repertoire list (solo, collaborative; both vocal and instrumental repertoire)
4.    $35 non-refundable processing fee

For more info on the vocal or piano degree programs at Binghamton University, please contact Thomas Goodheart: (vocal) or Joel Harder:




1. Please choose four arias that demonstrate proficiencies in operatic repertoire (One aria should be in Italian.  One aria should be in English.  The other two arias may be in German, French, Russian, Spanish, Czech, or any other language.) 


1. A short solo piano selection (5 - 8 minutes

2. A sight-reading excerpt

3. Sing and play one song and one aria of your choice in two contrasting languages

Please contact Gordon Schermer at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

Personal Information

Contact Information

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SINGERS: Please upload a total of 4 separate video files. PIANISTS: Please upload 2 high quality video files. This should include one solo piano selection and one piece with either singer or instrumentalist (single sonata movements acceptable).

SINGERS: A total of 4 video files are required with your application. Do not exceed or submit fewer than that total. PIANISTS: A total of 2 video files are required with your application. Do not exceed or submit fewer than that total. SINGERS/PIANISTS: Applications without video submissions will not be considered for a live audition.

Please upload unedited recordings.
Minimum number of selections permitted: 2. Maximum number of selections permitted: 4

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Payment Details

Please note: all application fees are non-refundable.