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Merola Opera Program: SINGER Application (2018-2019)

This application closed on Friday October 5, 2018.


Sheri Greenawald, Director


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Personal Information

Applications must be submitted by dates posted. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. Please refer to the OPPORTUNITIES listing page for further information prior to completing this application.
If different than above
If different than above
Applicant should be between the ages of 20-34 as of June 3, 2019 (exceptions made on a case-by-case basis).
*If you are not a United States citizen and you hold legal documentation allowing you to work in the United States, you will be required to present documentation of your legal status (e.g., visa, green card) for review at your final audition (if called back). Please note: applicants offered participation in our programs will be provided assistance in obtaining the required United States legal documentation, as needed.
Please note: Applicants may take part in San Francisco Opera Center auditions up to three times.

Audition Preferences

Only one city may be chosen
Maximum number of selections permitted: 3
Preferences are not guaranteed. Please note for Chicago on October 15, 16, 17, 18 and San Francisco on October 22, 23, 29: singer preliminary and final auditions are on the same day (all preliminary auditions will be completed by early afternoon). New York dates: preliminary and final audition dates must be in the same set of auditions. Please refer to the OPPORTUNITIES listing page to review sets of preliminary and final audition dates.

Contact Information

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Education & Training

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Award 1
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Recent Operatic Experience

This section must be completed. ALL fields must be completed for your application to submit, including a selection for each button pair. The form will not submit if you miss any of the selections. Do not include resume, biography, press, or recording material with application.
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‡ Studio, School or Workshop

Artistic Affiliates

Major voice teachers and/or coaches with whom you have worked.

Additional Information

Audition Repertoire

Please list five operatic arias (under five minutes each). The list must include one aria in English and two in other languages. The repertoire list also must include an aria by Mozart or Handel and must include a 20th/21st Century aria (not Puccini or Strauss for this requirement). You may include a selection written in your native language that is not operatic, e.g., folk song, musical theater song. Note: one aria could represent more than one of the requirements, i.e., the required 20th/21st Century aria could also be your aria in English; the Mozart aria will fulfill one of your foreign language requirements.

*Singers~please note:  Audition repertoire may be updated in your application until 14 days before your audition city's first preliminary audition date. No repertoire changes will be permitted at the audition. Updated repertoire must still conform to audition requirements listed above. Number of selections required: 5.
Selection 1
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Musical Authority References

As a Singer applicant, you must have two references from recognized musical authorities in the opera field, e.g., voice teacher, coach, conductor, director, with whom you have worked regularly. Spouse, relatives, and artistic representatives may not serve as musical authority references.

Please provide each reference with this online recommendation form by clicking Add Recommender below.

Please inform your references directly of your audition city's deadline date. All forms must be submitted online by your audition city's deadline date to be considered.

Number required: 2. Allowed method(s): Online.

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Identity Documents

If granted an audition, no proof of age is required for the preliminary audition. If you are called back to a final audition, you will be required to present at your audition for review, proof of age with your date of birth noted on one of the following forms of identification only: birth certificate, passport, or valid driver's license.


Application Conditions

By applying, applicant agrees to abide by these conditions and agrees not to make any claim against San Francisco Opera or the Merola Opera Program regarding auditions and all aspects of the audition process. Decisions of the audition committee are final.

For complete descriptions of the programs and all audition requirements, please refer to the OPPORTUNITIES listing page which can be found here: Singer Listing.
Number of selections required: 1.

Payment Details

Please note: all application fees are non-refundable.