Pensacola Opera

Miller Studio Artist Program 2024-25 (Singers & Pianist/Coaches)

This application closed on Sunday October 15, 2023.

We will be holding live auditions in Pensacola and New York City. In addition, we will again offer video auditions. We encourage live auditions whenever possible, but welcome those who are not available or unable to sing in-person at one of our audition locations to apply for a video audition.

Applicants who are granted a video audition will be required to record and submit two selections in one continuous video recording (without stopping the camera). Repertoire for video auditions will be selected by the singer. Guidelines for repertoire selection and video production will be provided. 

Video applicants should apply using the form below in the same manner as live audition applicants, indicating “Virtual Audition” in the drop-down menus for location.



Applications are due by Sunday, October 15. Live audition notifications will be sent via YAP Tracker by Friday, October 20. If you receive a live audition, you will schedule a time using YAP Tracker's self-scheduling tool. 

PLEASE NOTE: Pensacola Opera will not provide a pianist for the NYC auditions. If granted an audition in NYC, please plan to bring a pianist with you. For Pensacola auditions, we will provide a pianist at no charge to you.



Applications are due by Sunday, October 15. Video audition notifications will be sent via YAP Tracker by Friday, October 20. Specific instructions for recording and submitting your video will be included with your notification. Video auditions must have been recorded no earlier than September 1, 2023. You may, however, use a video that you recorded for multiple companies. Video auditions must be submitted by Sunday, November 12, 2023.

Please contact Cody Martin at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

Personal Information

Please select your preferred audition location, or if you would prefer to be considered for a video audition. You may select a first and second choice. If you are only available for one option, please select that option for both your first and second choices.

Contact Information

Please use a standard 2 letter abbreviation (FL, NY, TX) where applicable.
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Please list directors, coaches, conductors, and voice teachers with whom you have worked closely.
Please list any previous young artist or apprentice programs in which you have participated.
(i.e. giving voice lessons, teaching music classes, leading an ensemble)


Please upload a TOTAL of 2 audio and/or video files. At least one submission must be a video recording. Please do not upload more than 2 files, or your form will not submit. SINGERS: Please include two contrasting arias, recorded in the last 12 months with either live or pre-recorded accompaniment. PIANIST/COACHES: Please submit two recordings featuring operatic selections with at least one live singer, or with yourself singing and playing.

Number of video and/or audio (combined total) required: 2.

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Number of audio and/or video (combined total) required: 2.
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