Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía

Centre Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo PIANIST Auditions (2019-21)

This application closed on Monday June 3, 2019.



 The meeting time and place for all the registered candidates will be 26th June at 9:00 at Stage Door/Security Access of Palau de les Arts.

At your arrival, we will explain you the rules and procedure of the audition. The auditions will start at 10:00

In the morning, all candidates will undergo the FIRST ROUND, which will be disqualifying and will consist of part A.

In the afternoon, the selected candidates will undergo the SECOND ROUND, which will consist of parts B, C,D and E.


If the audition process was not finished on the 26th June, it would continue on the 27th June.


With regard to part B, the tone of the songs, will be as follow:


Rachmaninoff: Spring Waters, op. 14 Nº 11: Mi Bemol Mayor (E Flat Major)


Brahms: Von ewiger Liebe, op. 43 Nº 1: Si Menor (B minor)


Barber: I hear an army, op. 10 Nº 3: La Menor (A minor).

According to the call, the different parts are:


a)     Playing (and singing in the vocal lines) one of the following excerpts, chosen by the jury among the following:

-          Finale of Act II from Le nozze di Figaro, by W. A. Mozart

-          Act I from La Bohème, by G. Puccini, from the beginning until the entry of Benoît.

-          Act II (Presentation of the Rose) from Der Rosenkavalier, by R. Strauss. (beginning four bars before number 25 and ending eight bars before number 39, both included- score edition: Bossey and Hawkes). 

b)     Playing and working with a singer on the performance and development of an aria chosen by the jury among the following:

  1. “Ah!, chi mi dice mai…”. Don Giovanni -W. A Mozart
  2. “Parto, Parto…” La Clemenza di Tito- W. A Mozart
  3. “Hai già vinta la causa…” Le nozze di Figaro- W. A Mozart
  4. “Spring Waters”. (Op. 14 nº 11) -S. Rachmaninoff
  5. “Von ewiger Liebe” 4 songs (Op. 43) -J. Brahms.
  6. “I hear any army”. (Op. 10 nº 3) S. Barber


c)     Sight-reading.


d)     Following a conductor’s beat in any of the pieces from sections a) and b).


Personal interview





Fecha límite de inscripción 3 de junio de 2019.
To fill in no later than  June 3rd 2019.

Las audiciones tendrán lugar los días 26 y 27 de junio en el Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, València (España)

The auditions will take place on 26th  y 27th  of June at Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo, Palau de les Arts Reina Sofía, Valencia (Spain)



Los campos marcados con asterisco (*) son obligatorios. Asegúrese de que dispone de todos los documentos solicitados en las bases en formato digitial, antes de iniciar la solicitud en línea. 

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Please contact Centre de Perfeccionament Plácido Domingo at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

Información personal/ Personal Information

Atención el límite de edad es 30 años para las mujeres y 33 para los hombres (a fecha 22 de abril de 2019)/Please note: the age limit is 30 years for women and 33 for men (by 22nd April 2019)

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IMPORTANTE: El Curriculum Vitae debe incluir información sobre estudios, formación musical, experiencia profesional, repertorio y premios. The CV should include information about studies, musical training, working experience, repertoire and prizes
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En caso de que los estudios musicales se hayan realizado con un profesor particular o en una institución privada, el Director o profesor, bajo su responsabilidad, deberá expedir un certificado de idoneidad del alumno. When candidates have studied at a private music school or under a private teacher, the school director or teacher must provide a statement declaring that the young artist is suitable for the application process. Minimum number of documents permitted: 1. Maximum number of documents permitted: 5
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Number of selections required: 1.
Number of selections required: 1.