Opera Theater Pittsburgh

Opera Theater Pittsburgh Young Artist Application

This application closed on Friday October 21, 2011.

Please contact Craig Priebe at cpriebe@operatheaterpittsburgh.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

Personal Information

The program is not limited to citizens of the United States and aliens holding permanend resident status but Opera Theater Pittsburgh cannot process visas for foreign students and would need evidence of legal eligibility.

Contact Information


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Education & Training

Education 1
Education 2
Education 3
Education 4
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Audition location and preferred time

Each applicant will be assigned an 8-minute audition time within the selected first or alternate time-frame if possible. Audition slots will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Interviews for Stage Directors and Stage Managers may be arranged outside of these times by agreement with Opera Theater.

Audition repertoire

Singers:  Please list three arias (at least one in English) that you are planning to sing for us. If you decide to change any or all of these, please bring an updated repertoire list to your audition. We encourage you to choose arias suited to your voice type, age and ability and welcome appropriate staging and movement during your audition.

Pianists: Please list two opera accompaniments and one performance piece that you are planning to play for us.

Stage Directors & Stage Managers: Please skip this section.  Opera Theater will contact you to schedule a personal interview.
Maximum number of selections permitted: 3
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3

Additional information

Recordings will be used for Opera Theater Pittsburgh in-house Young-Artist related decisions. Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
Young Artist (16 total) will receive a $2000 scholarship applied to the program cost of tuition and accomodation of $4000. Young Artists are responsible for payment of the remaining $2000 tuition/accomodation fee plus travel expenses to and from Pittsburgh plus meals. Resident Artists (4 total) will receive full scholarship awards covering all tuition fees and accomodation costs. Resident Artists will be responsible for their transportation to and from Pittsburgh plus meals. Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
Those Young Artists providing their own accomodations in Pittsburgh will be responsible for the cost of tuition only ($1500 after scholarship award is applied). Maximum number of selections permitted: 5

Payment Details

Please note: all application fees are non-refundable.