Opera Birmingham

Opera Birmingham Vocal Competition 2018 - Semi-Finals May 19, 2018 - Finals May 20, 2018

This application closed on Monday April 2, 2018.

Please contact Tommy Thompson at tommy@operabirmingham.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

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Applicant Details and Materials

Applicants should submit five (5) arias representing a variety of languages and contrasting styles. At last one aria should be in English. All arias should be presented in the original key and language. List the five required operatic arias that you will prepare to sing. Number of selections required: 5.
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3
Selection 4
Selection 5
Upload 2 tracks, in MP3 format only.  Both tracks MUST be named with the aria title. Please do not include your name in the track title. 
BOTH ARIAS should be with piano accompaniment only, and from the 5 arias presented in the semifinals round.
Number of selections required: 2.
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Upload a high-resolution headshot, minimum 300 DPI.
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Proof of Age

Upload a photocopy or scan of your driver's license or US passport as proof of age.
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Payment Details

The standard application fee is $40.00. Payments can be submitted by check, money order or credit card. Payments by check or money order should be sent to Opera Birmingham, 3601 Sixth Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35222.