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Pittsburgh 2023 Auditions

This application closed on Tuesday April 18, 2023.

OPERA America’s Performer Development Network is hosting regional auditions in Pittsburgh, PA, on Tues., May 16, 2023. 

We will hear singers who are local (living within a 100-mile radius of Pittsburgh). Some audition slots will be reserved for self-managed singers, and some audition slots will be reserved for professionally managed singers.

Singers will register and submit recent video recordings in advance for pre-screening. At the auditions, they will be given 10 minutes of audition time to fill as they wish. In-person audition requirements: One aria no longer than 10 minutes or two or more shorter excerpts totaling no more than 10 minutes. A pianist will be provided for all auditions.

A panel of opera company casting professionals and artist managers will hear the live auditions, including but not limited to:

  • Ned Canty, Opera Memphis
  • Cody Martin, Pensacola Opera
  • Gloria Parker, Insignia Artists
  • Dennis Robinson, Seattle Opera
  • Rebecca Townsend and Justin Werner, Stratagem Artists
  • Keith Wolfe-Hughes, Opera Birmingham

Eligibility: Min. age 18 years. No upper age limit. Video submissions must be from within the previous six months. Singers will be notified of their audition status by Tuesday, May 2, via YAP Tracker.

All of the artists who apply to audition, whether or not they are accepted for an in-person audition, are invited to a professional development discussion Tuesday evening, May 16, from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.

Please contact Pamela Jones at artistic@operaamerica.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

Pre-screening Questions

Please answer the following questions:
No spaces, dashes etc. phone number fields
Indicate if you have United States citizenship, permanent residence, or work visa status.

Identity (Optional)

To better understand the demographics of OPERA America's applicant pool and evaluate the impact of our programs, we invite you to optionally select all of the terms that you use to self-identify racially or ethnically and in regard to gender identity. You will also have the opportunity to write-in additional or alternate responses in the "Additional" category. The choices below are not exhaustive or intended to be limiting or prescriptive. 
OPERA America does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex and gender identity, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, disability, age, or any other status protected under federal, state or local law. This Voluntary Demographic Information is for data purposes only and will not be used in the awarding of auditions. 

Racial and Ethnic Identity Definitions 
-Black - includes those who identify with nationalities or ethnic groups originating in any of the Black racial groups of Africa including African American and Caribbean. 
-Latinx - includes those who identify with nationalities or ethnic groups originating in Mexico, Puerto Rico, Cuba, Central and South America, and other Spanish cultures. 
-Asian - includes those who identify with nationalities or ethnic groups originating in the Far East, Southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific Islands. 
-Arab – includes those who identify with one or more nationalities originating in the Arabian peninsula and neighboring territories, inhabiting much of the Middle East and North Africa. 
-Native American – includes those who identify as Indigenous peoples, First Nations, Aboriginal peoples, and/or Native peoples of the Americas with tribal affiliation or community attachment. 
-White - includes those who identify with nationalities or ethnic groups originating in Europe. 

If you selected "Additional" from the checklist above, please write in alternate or additional words that describe how this artist identifies racially and ethnically.
To better understand the demographics of OPERA America's applicant pool, we invite you to optionally provide gender identity.
If you selected "Additional" from the checklist above, please write in alternate or additional words that describe your gender identity.
Please share the pronouns you use in reference to yourself (e.g., she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/their, ze/hir/hir, she/they, he/they).
Please see chart below. We are using the National Association of Teachers of Singing Voice Categories)

Audition Category Terminology 


Categories are defined by voice type.  

Treble: Soprano, Mezzo-Soprano, Contralto, Countertenor Voices 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11  

TBB: Tenor, Baritone, Bass Voices 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12  



Categories numbers also reflect the singer’s level of study.  

Children–Middle School 1 & 2, N/A for these auditions 

High School (HS) 3 & 4, N/A for these auditions 

Lower: one–two years post-HS 5 & 6,  

Upper: three–five years post-HS 7 & 8,  

Advanced: post-undergraduate 9 & 10,  

Other Adults 11 & 12  


For Example: I am a countertenor who took a break to work for two years after high school. I returned and started my undergrad degree in voice performance at age 20. I am in my first year of college study. I would be CL 5.

If I am a tenor who finished my formal vocal training years ago. I would be CL 12.


What is your home mailing address?

Resume and Bio

Please include a one-page resume and a one-page bio.
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Number of documents required: 1.
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Please submit two (2) separate videos of recorded solo repertoire as YouTube Links or MP4s. Please use the following guidelines for your video submissions: 

  • One (1) must be an opera aria and the other may be opera, art song, musical theater, etc. of your choice.  
  • Videos do not need to be of professional quality, however, all videos submitted should be a clear and current representation of you. For useful recording tips, go to www.operaamerica.org/recording-techniques
  • Videos should be recorded within the past six (6) months. Please mark each submission with the date it was recorded or announce it verbally before you begin singing. 
  • Videos should be accompanied by a pianist or piano track (orchestral track or concert setting also works). 
  • Each recording should be performed in one “take” without stopping. Do not combine multiple recording sessions together. 
  • Do not use audio enhancements, effects or editing (except for basic combining of piano/vocal tracks); 
  • Arias submitted should be in contrasting styles and, if possible, different languages. 

Please submit two (2) solo video performance files. Please do not submit more than 2 files in total or your form won't upload. Please verify that all video files work before submitting. Video files that do not work will result in a voided application.   

Number of selections required: 2.

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Number of selections required: 2.
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