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Serge & Olga Koussevitzky Young Artist Awards 2024 Application: STRINGS ONLY

This application closed on Friday April 5, 2024.

Please note: the 2024 competition is for STRINGS only. The competition for SINGERS will return in a future season. Do not apply this year unless you are a string player. Your application will not be considered and the application fee is non-refundable.

Please contact Bixby Kennedy at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

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You may submit two recent recordings of your performances (do not exceed 2 files in total or your form will not submit). The submissions may be audio, video, or both. Variety in submissions is encouraged. Submission is optional.
Maximum number of audio and/or video (combined total) permitted: 2
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Maximum number of video and/or audio (combined total) permitted: 2

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Additional Materials

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Please include up to 3 references. Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 3
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If accepted into the competition, will you bring your own pianist? MCNY will publish a list of suggested pianists in the NYC area. Contestants will be responsible for contacting, coordinating, and compensating pianists. Contestants who advance to the semi final round will receive a list of these pianists with their contact information and information on a pre negotiated rate.
If other, please explain.
Participants should prepare 25-40 minutes of varied repertoire (individual movements are acceptable) from the recital and concerto repertoire.  Your repertoire should include at least 2-4 composers, and one piece should be composed after 1960.  Performing works by underrepresented composers is encouraged. 
Please submit two (2) works of contrasting style totaling no less than 8 minutes for pre-screening. Audio-only and Video accepted. Although not required, it is recommended to submit recordings of the repertoire you will perform in the live rounds.
Judges will select pieces from your repertoire list and will advise contestants where to begin and end (totalling a 10-12 minute audition.)
For those who advance to the final round, you will perform a showcase recital of 20-25 minutes of your choosing from your repertoire list.
Questions: email Bixby Kennedy (address at the top of this form). Number of documents required: 1.
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Payment Details

Online payment via YAP Tracker is strongly preferred, but mailed check submissions will be accepted. Checks should be mailed to:

Musicians Club of New York
c/o Bixby Kennedy
500 Kappock ST
Unit 5C
Bronx, NY 10463

Make Checks payable to "Musicians Club of New York" and please put your name and "application fee 2024" in the memo line.