Miami Music Festival

Miami Wagner Institute 2017

This application closed on Monday December 5, 2016.

Please note: this is the application for the Wagner Institute ONLY. If you are interested in applying for the Opera Institute, the application is available here. If applying to both programs, you may use your Wagner Application and audition for the Apprentice/Studio Program. 

Please contact Lilly Rivera at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact


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All singers should prepare two contrasting arias, both from the dramatic repertoire and with at least one being by Wagner. You can list up to five arias in total. Minimum number of selections permitted: 2. Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
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Please note, the Apprentice and Studio programs have tuition charges. For more information, please see our Miami Music Festival opportunity or website. Applicants who wish to be considered for both opportunities do not need to submit separate forms. Please use this form if you wish to be considered for both opportunities.
Please see our Apprentice/Studio opportunity or website for repertoire.
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