Maryland Lyric Opera

Maryland Lyric Opera - Auditions for Amahl and the Night Visitors

This application closed on Friday June 3, 2016.

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Please specify the piece you intend to present at the auditions. (all excerpt page references come from the Schirmer score)

Amahl: p 9.-11 "Don’t cry, Mother dear!"; p. 53-55 “Dont you dare”

Kaspar: p.25-26 "This is my box!"

Melchior: p. 55-56 "Oh! Woman"

Balthazar: p. 12-13 "From far away"; p. 37 "Thank you, good friends"

Chorus: 1 Aria of your choice

 *If applying for a specific role please fill in the given excerpts for the Audition aria, if applying for chorus please fill in your one aria of choice.* (This allows us to know which role you are applying for prior to your audition.)

Number of selections required: 1.
Selection 1

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