Heartland Sings, Inc.

Heartland Sings, Inc. Full-time Vocal Artist 2022 Application

This application closed on Tuesday November 1, 2022.

Heartland Sings is a vocal production company located in NE Indiana and is currently hiring FULL-TIME with Salary and Benefits 5 Principal Vocal Artists for both performing and teaching concentrations. Heartland Sings produces concerts and educational programming through their Vocal Arts Institute of vocal music in a variety of genres, including jazz, pop, musical theater, opera, and more. Principal Vocal Artists perform oratorios, new compositions, and other choral works with our larger choral ensembles. Successful candidates will meet the following requirements:

-A minimum Master’s Degree in Music (or equivalent) with advanced performing experience
-Independent ability to learn, assimilate and memorize musicHigh level sight-singing ability
-Cross-genre singing; a command of varied vocal styles 
-Practical keyboard skills
-Working knowledge of fundamental music theory and analysis
-Experience teaching private voice lessons

Please contact Robert Nance at maestro@heartlandsings.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

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a. Please submit FOUR (4) solo video recordings from the categories listed below. Repertory selected should demonstrate your musical ability, command of different styles, and aesthetic preferences. Recordings should be less than two (2) years old; at least one recording should be from the last year.

*Parameters for solos:
- At least one selection in a language other than English;
- One classical selection -art song or aria.
- One contemporary selection (jazz, pop, rock, etc.)
- Choose two additional categories from the following for the remaining two selections: Opera, musical theatre, oratorio, gospel, pop, jazz, folk Number of selections required: 4.
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Demonstration of Vocal Regimen: Within a period of approximately five (5) recorded minutes, please demonstrate the ways that you regularly prepare your voice for singing.   Number of selections required: 1.
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Additional Documentation

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Please provide a standard one-page resume detailing your education, performing and teaching experience, most recent employment, competitions, and awards.
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In 500 words or less, describe who you are as an artist, state your goals and objectives, and share your philosophic thoughts on the vocal arts. Number of documents required: 1.
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Please supply the contact information (email, phone) for at least two teachers, coaches, or other employers who are qualified to comment on your ability as an artist and how you work with others.  Minimum number of selections permitted: 2. Maximum number of selections permitted: 4
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