The Glimmerglass Festival

Singer Application (2020)

This application closed on Wednesday August 28, 2019.

Before submitting, please check if anything may have been auto-filled incorrectly. Incorrect information submitted due to an auto-fill error may result in a voided application. 

Please contact Isabel Tague at with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact

If you are available for more than one audition location, please indicate here. Additionally, please indicate all dates for which you are available to audition.
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Applicants must be United States citizens or have the right to work in the United States. If applicants secure a contract, non-U.S. citizens must send a photocopy of right-to-work documentation (Note: Canadians may gain the right to work by joining Canadian Federation of Musicians and applying for a P2 Visa. This process is completed ONLY after successfully securing a contract with The Glimmerglass Festival and will be done at your own expense).
Specify language and years of study or proficiency.
Please include style of dance, training/experience and length of training.
Stage combat experience, dialects, etc. can be included in this section.
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Professional References

Please give details of three artistic authorities (directors, conductors, coaches, voice teachers) with whom you have worked and who may act as references. Only one of your referees may be a voice teacher. No written recommendations are accepted.
Number of selections required: 3.
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3

Video Selections

Two video files are required with your application. Please submit two opera arias in contrasting styles and languages with piano or orchestral accompaniment, made within 12 months of the application deadline.

Please verify that all video files work before submitting. Video files that do not work will result in a voided application. Number of selections required: 2.

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Single page only. Resumes longer than one page will result in a voided application.
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Please upload one high-resolution photograph.

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Please choose 5 selections fulfilling the following:

1) Four operatic arias of contrasting styles.
Required: 1 Italian and 1 English
The remaining arias can be in any language. No more than 2 arias in the same language.

2) One 20th or 21st century non-operatic selection in English: musical theater, jazz standards, and art songs are all acceptable. * No foreign language art songs permitted.

If you are interested in a role or cover in a particular production in the 2020 season, you are encouraged (but not required) to prepare a piece from that work.

* Please note that it is acceptable to change audition repertoire for the live audition from what is listed on the application.
* Repertoire selections must satisfy these requirements for the application to be considered. Number of selections required: 5.
Selection 1
Selection 2
Selection 3
Selection 4
Selection 5

Payment Details

All applications require a $20 non-refundable application fee. Please note that should you be asked to audition in person, there will not be an extra charge for the pianist provided.

Please note: all application fees are non-refundable.