Duncan Williams Voice Competition

Duncan Williams Voice Competition Application 2023

This application closed on Wednesday November 2, 2022.

Please contact INFO at info@duncanwilliamsvoicecompetition.com with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

Personal Information

Contact Information

Please use a standard 2 letter state abbreviation where applicable.
No spaces, dashes etc. phone number fields


Please note the submission requirements based on the division of entry.

Developing Artist Division (Age 18-25)

  • One Aria, Art Song, or Traditional Folk Song

Emerging Artist Division (Age 26+)

  • One Aria and one additional piece (an aria, art song or Traditional Folk Song)

Both Divisions

  • Recordings need not be professional studio quality. You may self-record on a smartphone, tablet, or any other recording device. Recordings should be with live or recorded piano accompaniment but may be audio or video.
  • Briefly introduce each piece. State the name of the work and the composer and librettist.
  • Dress comfortably and focus on showing us your talent, not your outfit.

Minimum number of selections permitted: 1. Maximum number of selections permitted: 2

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While there is no fee to enter the competition, we recognize that there may be other costs associated with submitting an application. Funds are available for the following:

  • Pianist fee (up to $50)

  • Recording equipment or space rental (up to $50)

Funds are available as reimbursement only.

In order to apply for funds, please provide a short description of the cost and any associated collaborators or names of businesses where goods will be purchased.Funds will be distributed only when an application has been submitted in full.

If you are in need of funding, please complete the text box below. If you are not requesting funding, please leave blank.


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Pre-screening Questions

In the section below. please choose TWO of the following questions to answer via written response, audio file, or a short video (1-2 mins). Use the corresponding audio, video or document upload fields to complete the requirement.

  • How can the Duncan Williams Voice Competition help you meet your artistic goals?

  • Was there a time you felt unsure about being a musician and what changed your mind?

  • What about singing brings you the most joy?

  • Tell us about what special qualities and/or skills you bring to the industry as a

    person of color.

  • We know you are passionate about performing, but what are the off-stage passions that bring you joy?

Maximum number of documents permitted: 2
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Maximum number of selections permitted: 2
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Maximum number of selections permitted: 2

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I affirm that I identify as Black or Latinx/Latine/Latino/Latina Number of selections required: 1.