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dell'Arte Opera Ensemble 2019

This application closed on Thursday January 17, 2019.

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Email to request a special appointment. Applicants submitting a video audition may be asked to appear for a live call-back audition on Feb. 2 or 3.
Email to request a special appointment
Please share with us a list of selections you generally offer for auditions. You will not be limited to these for the audition. Minimum number of selections permitted: 3. Maximum number of selections permitted: 5
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Number of selections required: 2.
Selection 1
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Please enter your initials to indicate that you have read and accept the terms of participatiion
(please read our guidelines closely before selecting; check ALL that apply) Maximum number of selections permitted: 3

Recorded Audition

If you are unable to attend a live audition, we will consider an audition by recording. Live auditions are strongly preferred. No call-back is guaranteed for recorded auditions. A live call-back audition (preferably on February 2 or 3) may be required.

Please include at least two video selections if you wish to audition by recording. Final casting is almost never determined solely from recorded submissions. Maximum number of selections permitted: 4

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Payment Details

Payment must be received no later than the deadline in order to schedule an audition appointment* or receive review of recorded materials. We also accept Chase QuickPay, Paypal or Venmo at ''. Indicate on this application that you plan to 'pay by check' if you wish to use these methods. Payments by check and money order can be made to dell'Arte Opera Ensemble and sent to: 255 Cabrini Boulevard, #5H New York, NY 10040 *Bringing one's own accompanist has NO impact on the fee.