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Dallas Opera Education and Community Outreach Programs (2024-2025)

This application closed on Sunday March 10, 2024.

All information, dates, and times subject to change pending needs of the Education Program. 

Please use the following TDO MONOLOGUE for your submission below:

Jack’s mother was not
In a very good mood,
When she learned that her son
Hadn’t bought any food.

With no fuel for the fire,
And no bread to bake,
Jack soon understood
He had made a mistake.

But his Mom didn’t scold him
Or cause any scenes,
Though, she was unhappy
About those beans.

No use to cry over
Spilled milk now.
Or, speaking of milk…
An old sick cow.


The Three Little Pigs (June 2024-May 2025) 

Despina - A little girl pig (Soprano or Mezzo) 

Cherubino - Despina's older brother (Tenor or Mezzo) 

Don Giovanni- Despina's younger brother (Baritone or Bass) 

Wolfgang Bigbad - The Big Bad Wolf, himself(Bass or Baritone)


Pépito (August 2024-May 2025) 

Vertigo- Innkeeper (Baritone or Bass)

Miguel- A young Basque peasant (Tenor)

Manuelita- A young orphan (Soprano)


  • Artists who wish to be considered for a role must be a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Resident with a valid Green Card, or must have a Work or Student Visa valid through the program’s duration (June 2024-May 2025). 
  • Adhere to all safety protocols
  • Artists must submit information for, and pass background checks as required by local school districts
  • Artists are expected to attend a virtual all-hands orientation meeting at the end of April 2024
  • Artists are expected to unload, assemble, strike and load the set at rehearsals and outbound performances as directed by The Dallas Opera Production Staff.

For more details such as dates and information about the two operas, please click the following link:

TDO Education Audition Information

Please contact Education at education@dallasopera.org with any questions regarding this application. For technical help, please contact help@yaptracker.com.

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